How to Get Unbanned from Facebook [Profile, Ad account, Page bans]

Getting banned from Facebook is no fun, especially if you don’t know how to get unbanned or, even worse, you have clients who rely on you.

As a matter of fact, there are several types of bans on Facebook that you could be facing: restrictions on your profile, restrictions on your business page forever or temporarily, being banned as a manager for either your personal account or business page and even getting banned from ads – how scary!

This article will walk you through each type of ban and how to comply with the policies so that in the future when you want to get unbanned from Facebook it will be easy.

In this article:

How to Get Unbanned from Facebook

4 Levels of bans on Facebook

Facebook bans can range from getting your personal profile blocked to not being able to access your business page or business manager at all. You may have gotten banned for a number of reasons, but how you correct the problem will be different depending on how severe the ban is.

Levels you can be banned or restricted:

  • your Business manager or your clients’ business manager (where you are added as an employee) can be restricted temporarily or permanently.
  • your personal Ad account or one of your clients’ can be blocked temporarily or permanently (disabled Ad account)
  • your Business page can be restricted
  • your personal profile can be restricted temporarily or banned permanently. In this case, you lose all personal data, friends, access to your personal pages, personal Ads managers, and any other pages and managers where you were added as an Employee.

You’ll know that Facebook has restricted or banned your account if it says so in a message about why they won’t let you log in when you try to do so – this could either say “account settings” or something like “temporary restriction”.

If there’s no explanation given then this means that only certain parts of your account are restricted and some things may still work as normal (like posting new content). In this case, we recommend contacting Support with more information.

When your Business manager or Ad account is banned, you can still create or join others. While your Personal profile is restricted from advertising, you will no longer able to advertise anything.

Banned or restricted – what the difference?

A temporary block from Facebook means that your account will only be blocked for a limited time, and you’re given the opportunity to comply with Facebook’s policies before it becomes permanent. If this is how you were banned then keep reading our article to find out how to get unbanned from Facebook.

A restriction on your profile or add account means that some parts of what you can do within your account have been disabled – all other accounts linked to yours are unaffected by this ban. Ex. you can be blocked from using a feature.

A permanent block or ban means that you’ve been banned from Facebook and will never be able to use it again.

Types of bans from Facebook

Within 4 levels of blocks from Facebook we have several specific types of bans and restrictions.

The most aggravating thing about being banned from Facebook is that Facebook has all right to never reveal to you the actual reason and can simply respond to you in a very vague way leaving you alone.

You can argue with them, but the only response you’ll get, is:

We’ve determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook.

Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can’t provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. We appreciate your understanding, as this decision is final. (Facebook team)

You also will not be pleased to know that Facebook moderators are not consistent at all. You’ll find your post/ad/page banned and the next minute you’ll see the same content or ads without any problems.

Yes, it is no fun, but we can do much about it: follow the rules, comply with policies, and have an understanding of all guidelines to make sure you’re not going to violate them even accidentally.

It is important to understand what type of block you have to make sure we can fix it.

1 – Profile level

  • you are blocked from using a feature.
  • you are restricted from commenting, status updates or making friends requests, etc., because of somebody’s report (they find your content offensive which violates community standards)
  • restricted account (suspicious activity is the main reason)
  • your personal profile is restricted from advertising (temporary or forever) but fully ok to operate as a personal profile.
  • your personal profile is restricted from advertising as you have access to many blocked Business managers or ad accounts.
  • your personal profile is permanently blocked from Facebook

A restriction on your profile or add account means that some parts of what you can do within your account have been disabled – all other accounts linked to yours are unaffected by this ban.

You could be blocked from using a feature, but still, be able to access everything else in the app. These blocks last for 14 days and will expire automatically without any action required from you. We’ll notify you when it’s time for another review of how things are going with Facebook and how well we’re doing our job at keeping people safe on Facebook.

When someone sends a report about content they find offensive which violates community standards then facebook may restrict their use of certain features including commenting, status updates, or making friend requests until that report is reviewed.

If you’ve been permanently blocked from Facebook, there’s no way to get back in. The block will expire automatically after a while, and your account can’t be reactivated or restored.

It may be true that even your messages on Facebook Messenger are not fully private and if you send a very appealing picture, you can be blocked.

This is the section on How to get your Profile unbanned (you can keep reading too or jump to it).

2 – Ad account level

Your ad account can also be restricted or blocked for several reasons:

  • You violated Facebook’s policies for advertising and your ads are rejected until you will comply (including ad copy, images, and landing pages or your Instagram profile)
  • Your ad account is being suspended, as it is investigated for a potential violation of Facebook content policy and the investigation isn’t complete yet. This restriction may be temporary, but it will last until your case has been resolved.
  • Permanent block of an ad account when there are repeat violations despite making efforts to comply with the Facebook policy.
  • Your ad account was restricted for suspicious payment
  • Your ad account may be restricted if there are payment issues if you’re trying to access it from different locations if your account country is not the same as the country your credit card was issued, etc.
  • Your ad account can be also restricted if you have a lot of rejected ads.

How to get Ad account unbanned guide is below.

3 – Business page level

Your business page can also get banned from Facebook for the following reasons:

  • You violated Facebook’s policies for Pages and you’re temporarily restricted until complying.
  • The Page has been disabled because you were spamming people on Facebook by sending bulk messages, posting duplicate content, using fake accounts, or misleading nicknames in order to gain more followers.
  • Permanent block of your business page when you violate facebook policies repeatedly despite making efforts to comply with them.

How to get your Page unbanned section is below.

4 – Business manager level

Your business manager is your hub for ad accounts, pages, data sources and this is the core of your business and promotion on Facebook.

  • A business manager can be temporarily restricted if your advertising campaigns violated Facebook’s policies
  • If you didn’t confirm the websites domains
  • If you didn’t fill in all the legal information about your business or you have a lot of blocked ad accounts or employees.
  • The permanent block is issued when the violations are repeated

How long do Facebook bans last for?

In fact, there is no specific answer, as when Facebook restricts your ad account or your personal profile, sometimes it gives you a chance to appeal in 30 days after you comply with standards or in case you think the block was inappropriate.

How fast you will deal with it – it is completely up to you. Plus, if you’re communicating with Facebook via emails, it can take time.

You could be blocked from using a feature, but still, be able to access everything else in the app. These blocks last for 14 days and will expire automatically without any action required from you.

A temporary block for small violations of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions usually lasts about 5 minutes or less. Ex., accidental violations like typing “you” instead of “too”.

If you have a partial nudity in your posts, Facebook will temporary block you from posting for the next 24 hours

If you will repeat the same behavior you were previously banned, you can be blocked forever.

Why you got banned from Facebook?

A lot of people end up getting banned from facebook, which can happen for many different reasons. We will go through each major level.

1 – Why my Facebook profile is banned

Like any social network, facebook is a platform that can be used for good or bad.

What might make you laugh and engage with content on one day may get you taken down the next because its been flagged as inappropriate by someone else.

And how your content is received also depends on who’s looking at it – how many followers do they have? How active are they in commenting/liking posts?

If something triggers an individual user to report the post, then there will likely be consequences for what was posted (e.g., if a person uses profanity). So remember: nothing is private!

So, main reasons to get your profile banned from Facebook:

  • not complying with Facebook policies (which is vague, I know)
  • using other people’s accounts or login information on different devices and from different locations
  • doing something illegal on the site (e.g., bullying), shared a post that violated Facebook’s Community Standards (see below the details about these standards)
  • upload sensitive information about someone else without them knowing etc.
  • if you get hacked or compromised, which is why it got deleted.
  • you used fake information for signing up to the social network and then those details were later reported as being false or you were using more than 1 personal profile with the same name
  • you were creating new advertising accounts after Facebook has penalized existing accounts
  • you were posting a lot in a short period of time (especially if your profile is new!).

How do I know when my account was hacked?

Sometimes you can be restricted from Facebook simply because your account was hacked. How should we know if your account was hacked? Here are some signs of it:

– a sudden drop in likes or followers without explanation;

– you have no recollection of the posts made on your account and see that they violate Facebook’s standards, for example having inappropriate content.

2 – Why Facebook Ad account is disabled

Reviewing your ads, Facebook reviews not only the ad copy and the image, but also the link and the website, the Intagram account or Facebook page tied to your ad account.

Some common reasons to get your ad account banned:

  • not complying with Facebook policies (ad copy, images with too much text, misleading elements, quality of the landing page or account)
  • trying to advertise anything illegal (here is what is actually can not be promoted on Facebook)
  • advertising restricted content (here are 13 topics considered restricted). This also includes the cases when you’re trying to advertise “How to make money”, “Make $1000 a week”, “Slim body in 15 min” – this all can be seen as deceptive or misleading practices or promises.
  • trying to target sensitive personal data or discriminate against people.
  • in your Lead generation forms you’re asking for financial information or insurance, or health condition, etc. (Here are 13 topics you can’t ask people filling your forms about)
  • your ad copy is written in very bad language – a lot of grammar mistakes.

Also remember that based on Facebook Terms they can restrict or remove content or persons, if they determine that it is necessary to avoid any legal impacts to Facebook.

Any repeated violations will lead to permanent block. In this case you can’t do anything, even if you’re sure there was a mistake from Facebook part.

For instance: “Buy my product for only $0.99” is a false statement because it’s likely an advertiser can’t offer discounts at such low prices without violating other provisions in their contract).

Jump straight to How to get Ad account unbanned.

3 – As Business page

Main reasons to get your page blocked are:

  • your content was considered violating community standards
  • someone reported your content

What type of posts violates community standards?

In order to avoid Facebook restrictions, your content (posts, images, videos) needs to comply with Facebook community standards and Advertising policy.

Here is what you can’t publish on Facebook:

  • nudity, pornographic content, or sexually explicit content
  • violence, graphic crime scene images of animal cruelty, and child abuse
  • speech that is hatefully racist or ethnically derogatory (e.g., anti- Semitism)
  • false information about an individual’s personal identity with the intent to deceive their employer about how they spend their time (i.e. catfishing), which could lead to employment opportunities being lost due to fraudulence

To read all Facebook Community Standards you can visit Support Inbox or directly access standards via this link.

You can directly jump to How to get your Page unbanned section.

How to get unbanned from Facebook?

To get unbanned from Facebook sometimes you should wait a couple of hours, but sometimes you need to take action.

The good news is with temporary restrictions you can get back your profile or Ad account. Unfortunately, if you were banned forever, it is unlikely you will even have an appeal option.


In case you were temporary restricted, try this:

  • if you were blocked from sharing, you can only wait or report a problem via the Help center
  • if your account was temporarily blocked with no further information, Facebook recommends waiting 24 hours before requesting a review of the decision;
  • if you know that the ban was issued because of a specific post, delete it before appealing.
  • if you don’t have enough information, contact the Support team
  • if you were reported got banned for harassment, you need to go through an appeals process

If your profile was restricted from advertising, use this form. You can also access this form via Account Quality.

If you think that your account was disabled by mistake and you CAN’T log in to, please use this form to request a review.

If your child was blocked, there is no way Facebook can share with you their personal data, your child should submit an appeal using the email address they used to login.

If you account was hacked, go to Facebook help center, to the Hacked Wizard page and follow the instructions.

Remember, that you will need your ID or passport to confirm your identity.

Permanent ban

If you were banned permanently for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and responsibilities then, there is nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes there is some hope that your profile can be restrored.To be eligible for reinstatement, accounts need to show no repeated violations over 12 months after being reinstated.

Can I create another personal profile?

You can only have 1 personal profile. So if your old one is banned forever and there is no hope, you can delete it permamently and create a new one, complying with all Facebook guidelines.

Remember, that your old profile won’t be deleted immediately. You need to choose it and wait 30 days, as Facebook gives us 30 days to change our minds.


When you find your ad account disabled, first visit Account Quality to find out why it happened and if you can request another review or appeal the decision.

If it is your account, you have access to do so, if you’re an employee, you need to have Admin level to request review and appeal.

If you’re sure that your ad account was disabled by mistake:

  1. Visit Account Quality.
  2. Under ‘What you can do’, select Request review.
  3. Follow the steps to submit a review.

If your Ad account was restricted you can request a review via this link too.

If your payments were rejected or restricted, use this contact form.

If your Ad account was disabled, use this review form.

One more form to request a review for disabled payment and Ad account, especially if you were travelling, relocating, or using a credit card issued in a country different from the country of your advertising account.


Business pages are rare to get banned, but still we need to know what to do.

Temporary block

– if you get a message that your post or ad violates Facebook policies, then remove it and appeal.

Permanent block

If your business page has been banned forever, all posts will be deleted by our automated system.

You won’t see any updates in News Feeds or notifications about new messages sent to you.

If someone wants to reach out to you they can always send an email or message via the Messenger app which uses SMS (or call).

The only thing that still works, for now, is ads campaigns that were already running when the ban happened because the ban didn’t affect them.

There is some hope sometimes for reinstatement. You should contact an administrator at with the subject “Please unban my Page” and some details on how the page was violated.


If your business manager was disabled, contact the Facebook team via this form.


You need to secure your profile and Facebook activity on all levels:

  • take a look at your privacy settings and make sure they’re set up correctly; this means that any personal information shared should only be visible by people who can see your post or page but not publicly available
  • go through all posts made lately for content against Facebook’s standards – delete those which violate them so one doesn’t get banned in the future!
  • Make an effort to update and maintain your profile, business page, or ads manager as much as possible by making it active on at least one device every day – this will help us figure out how often we can unblock you.

For example, if there are 2 devices registered under your account then please login into both of these devices on at least once per week for three consecutive weeks (so total 6 logins).

  • don’t use fake names when signing up to other social networks – you’ll need them in order to get unbanned as someone who was hacked/compromised because we all know how easy it is for hackers these days!
  • post content about things people care about, express opinions on current events without making angry comments, and share information that provides value (e.g., tutorials, how-to guides, useful videos).
  • run good quality ads complying with Advertising policies
  • regularly check the Account Quality section, especially Account issues to make sure you don’t have any.
  • Enable Two-factor authentication for your Business manager, fill in all legal information about your business, confirm emails and domains.
  • Add more admins to your Business manager.
  • read and comply with Facebook policies

Account Quality looks like this:

Main Facebook policies

Facebook has something around 16 different policies regulating our use of this social media. You need to have a look at them, especially if you’re not just using them for chatting with friends, but to promote your event,s businesses, or sell products.

All policies are available in the Facebook Policies Center.

How to contact the Facebook support team?

If you want to contact the Facebook support team you need to know how to find the appropriate team.

There 3 main ways to talk to a representative:

*Please, note, that chat is not available for all users, unfortunately.

This is how Support Inbox look like (you can find it from your personal profile in Help center):

Sometimes it is also possible to communicate with Support representatives via email, but normally it is more doable once you already submitted a request, they replied by email and you keep going through emails.

That’s all you need to know in order not to get banned from Facebook again! I hope this article helped you learn how do I unban myself from Facebook? If it did – share it on your social media account so other people will be able to read it.