Facebook Ads for Orthodontists Full Guide

Facebook Ads for Orthodontists

Successful ads are not only about ads, but also about product and service quality. Your reputation, your accounts, reviews on Google – everything can affect ad results. Please note, that there is no magic cure for all, but you can definitely improve your ad copy texts, headlines, creatives, and settings, and I’m going to show … Read more

5 Essential Adthrive Requirements: What You Need to Know to Join the Top Ad Network for Bloggers

Adthrive Requirements RPM Application period vs. Mediavine vs. Ezoic

For bloggers and independent, finding a high-paying, passive income option to pay for publishing their content is the dream.  Thanks to AdThrive, the top advertising network in the blogging and self-publishing community, it is very possible to earn a significant income from your blog, passively and without any additional work on your part. You just … Read more

My 20 Best Tips for Blogging

MY TOP 20 TIPS FOR BLOGGING WHEN STARTING YOUR BLOG 1. Start with SEO Keyword research to inform all of your writing with low competition SEO keywords 2. Understand how to optimize your content for your target SEO keywords and the searcher’s intent 3. Master keyword research to accelerate your blogs’ success and maintain low … Read more

A Guide to Technical SEO: Optimizing Your Site For Speed, Search Indexing, And User Experience

Everything up until now in this book regarding SEO has been aimed at the elements of your content that people can read – headlines, content, keywords, search results, etc. Now we’ll focus on technical SEO.  Technical SEO aims to optimize all of the “non-text” elements of your blog making it easier to interact with (e.g., … Read more

How To Make Your Blog Searchable On Google With WordPress: An Intro To Seo Fundamentals

Search engine optimization, or “SEO” is the process of structuring your content and your site in a way that search engines understand and in a way that aligns with the best user experience as judged by search engines.  This process details exactly how to make your blog searchable on Google with WordPress sites. Though many … Read more


Assessing Blog Authority in Google

As our blogs mature and our content library on our blog grows, Google will begin to recognize the topics that we write on impressively well (compared to other sites) and that users love. Though there is no “official” acknowledgement of this “authority” from Google, savvy bloggers can use Google Analytics and awareness of their posts’ … Read more